The Spirit Of Sutro Lives

The Spirit Of Sutro Lives

Please join us Thursday Aug 8th, as we embark on a musical journey into History, Mystery, Magic & Wonder in celebration of the life and legacy of Adolph Sutro at the historic Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California.

A themed rock concert party for all ages(6+), featuring Tracorum with Jazz Mafia Horns(Adam Theis, Joe Cohen,Mike Olmos)

Costumes are encouraged! Come dressed as a traveler from any time in San Francisco history or just dive headfirst into the wanderings of your own celebratory creations. As you walk up the red carpet and enter the music hall prepare to be immersed in a world of pure imagination, filled with mysterious performers, historic time travelers, inventive illusionists and the musical spirit of San Francisco’s greatest philanthropist, Adolph Sutro

Proceeds from this event will go to support The Blue Bear School of Music and The Rex Foundation.

Featuring current Blue Bear Youth Band: Spotted Botanists! Prepare to be amazed and get rocked!

Be sure to get there early! From 7pm on there will be performers of all types adding to the mystery and celebration at this event, Circus folk,dancers,actors , pirates and many more characters of an eternal nature including yourselves. Don’t miss our opening showcase of magi , enchantment and imagination!

$17 at the door