The Paul’s give back- music, hats & a cure for MS!

Howdy folks,

Weather: The sun came out today for a minuteweatherimages… its been a mix. all except the rain, snow and lightning.

Hats worked on : 16 felt, round blocked, flanged and ready to be shaped blocked (holy moly!!!)

Coffee: Never enough

Are you missing our sweet and hatted faces? If yes, then come see us at

Cover Photo
A Celebration of Sutro – Presented by Sutro’s Last Wish: Tracorum / Jazz Mafia Horns.
We will be selling our hats at the Great American music hall!   The event is a fundraiser for the Beautiful Blue Bear Music School and the Rex foundation. Check out the fb page for more info.
Us Pauls are also participating in The Ring for the Cure. This event at The Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill valley is raising money for UCSF Foundation ,  keeping the money local.  UCSF is one of the top MS research facilities in the country!
Please go to this beautiful fun family-friendly event and you could win a custom felt or straw hat in the raffle!
win -win!
See you soon,