Aloha! The Paul’s talk straw with NEWT from Hawaii !

Howdy folks,

Hats worked on: 14 straw (7 blocked, 7 Leathers sewn in).

Weather:  Foggy & Cold…standard July in SF.

Coffee: At least 3 cups so far….. its so cold out!


Summer in San Francisco is in full swing and we are sporting wool coats and felt fedoras !! Luckily, elsewhere in the world the season of the straw hat is alive and well.  The Pauls were delighted to host a little visit with the fine gentlemen of NEWT, the place for a Panama hat in Hawaii, and hear all about it. 

NEWT and the Pauls

It’s always fun to talk straw, share stories of the long bus rides around Ecuador and discuss the future of fine hand-woven straw hats. As some of you know, the finest straw is woven by a handful of aging masters of the weaving arts.  The Pauls are planning to make a video during our next visit in November, to capture this fine experience and knowledge.

Come by the shop and remind us of summer, tell us stories of the warm places outside the fog and all the reasons you need a summer hat. We have plenty for you to try on,  Lucky duck!

One of these may become yours:

Blocking HatsFine hats in case

Enjoy the sun

when you find it,


xoxo -Paul 5