The Pauls Are In Kentucky, Right Now!

  =  Weather is super hot here in SF, but probably hotter in Louisville, Kentucky    = 1 latte  =4 hats worked on

For the second time, we have a presence in Louisville, Kentucky, slingin’ hats for the fine folks going to the Kentucky Derby. I went last year, and let me tell you, it was a hoot. First of all, the Kentuckians are super nice, and can drink us San Franciscans into the ground. And they definitely have a certain pride about where they’re from, and about the Derby, as well they should. Currently, Paul 2 and Miss Janet are there, holding down the fort at the “Taj Maloney” where they are selling hats. They are vending all over town as well. Drop them a line at 807 East Market Street in Louisville if you happen to be there. We’re getting a few mentions on the Kentucky Derby website as well, check it out here.

Here’s a peek into what’s happening over there:


These are our hats at 21C, a posh hotel in Louisville.


This is the kitchen at the “Taj Maloney”, the girls are mixing up Mint Juleps to give to customers.


The outside look at the pop up shop the girls are running at Taj Maloney.


The set up at the “Pimiento Cheese Festival”.


Miss Janet and a customer! Lookin’ good!


Great photo of the gals at 21 C.

Wish I was there!

~ Paul 1