NPR & Vintage Hat Boxes for Sale!

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It’s 8:54 am in the morning, I think way too early for a hatter to be up. I feel like hatters keep late hours, not early hours, because sometimes you start working and then you get into a frenzy that doesn’t wear off until the sun goes down, and suddenly it’s very late and you stumble home to dream about tufts of beaver fur floating about in the air…Oh, so why am I awake this early? Because I had to listen to an interview about Paul’s Hat Works on “Morning Edition” on NPR. A short but sweet piece put together by Lo Benichou, I believe we were interviewed for this piece in December…Anyhow, it was well liked so they decided not just to put it online, but to put it on the radio. Very exciting. I hope people enjoyed it.






In other news, yesterday, Paul 3 and I donned dust masks, rags, and pricing stickers and delved into the huge collection of vintage hat boxes that came with the business when we bought it, and have been living up high above our front windows. We sorted through close to three hundred boxes; some were filled with old hats, some with old papers, some with old ribbons and feathers. We dusted them off (quite a feat, just imagine, close to 40 years of accumulated dust), and picked quite a few to sell. We don’t need them all, we kept our favorites, and the rest we will set free into the world. They are currently our window display, priced and ready to go. They will be up for sale for about a month, so come on in and buy one while you can! They range in price from $5-$60, some of them are quite gorgeous.









Hope to see you in the store soon!

~ Paul 1