So You Want to Get Him a Hat For Christmas

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

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We all know that that men are harder to get gifts for than women, it’s practically a fact. When you’re going through a mental list of people you need to get gifts for, the one person that’s always the hardest is “Dad,” and then in second, “boyfriend/husband” etc. It’s true. Just admit it to yourself and get working on the dilemma a little earlier this year.

If I already hadn’t given my dad two hats, then I would be getting him one. But you can get your dad one. Hats are a very special and personal gift. Every guy needs a hat, even if they don’t know it. Maybe you want to get him the custom experience, in which case a gift certificate wrapped in a hat box is perfect, or maybe you want to buy him a completed hat.

My gift to you is how to tell if what you’re getting for him is a quality hat. Even if you opt to not get him a hat from our store, I want you to know what you need to look for.

4 Steps to Decide on Quality:

1. Touch the felt of the hat; feel how soft it is, how furry it is, see if the shape in the crown can be pushed out by simple poke, or if it takes more. Read the leather on the inside, it sometimes will specify if it’s beaver, rabbit, or wool. 100% beaver is the top of the line, rabbit comes in second, wool comes in last.

2. Next thing to look at: the sweatband. Firstly, the sweatband inside the hat should be quality roan leather, to prevent the sweat from going through to the other side and to help the hat keep its structure and shape. Some hats have a ribbon instead of leather, and those aren’t going to hold up as well.

3. Next, flip up the leather or ribbon on the inside and check to see if the lining was glued or stitched in. That is, if it has a lining. All quality felt hats should have a lining, straw hats should not have a lining. If the lining is glued in, then you can know the manufacturer cut a corner and has now devalued the hat by quite a bit. This means if you take the hat in to get repaired; cleaned, new leather, or new ribbon, the hatter has to rip the lining out, and sometimes it will also take out chunks of felt, which will tamper with the strength of the felt. The idea behind a man buying a hat, or any wearable item, is for it to be so well made that it doesn’t fall apart, and if something should happen to it, it should be able to be repaired.

4. Check how the ribbon on the outside was put on. If it was glued, you have the same problem as with the lining being glued on. Also, sometimes the ribbon is sloppily sewed on above the line of stitches where the sweatband was sewn in. Not good.

Beaver = the Best
Beaver = the Best
Rabbit = the Second Best
Rabbit = the Second Best
Wool = great for coats, bad for hats
Wool = great for coats, bad for hats


Good luck with your purchase, and feel free to contact us with any questions about quality hats.

~ Paul 1