It’s That Time of Year Again!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

  =  Weather is Sunny!    = 1 cup ‘o coffee = 0 hats worked on

It’s sunny after the storm! And it’s December 2nd, which means all 4 Pauls have been launched into the holiday season full force: Christmas parties, top hat making, Christmas card sending, and so much more. So much has been percolating and changing in the world of Pauls, and it is quite exciting.

Firstly, our workshop at Wingtip is up and running and fully functional. One of the Pauls can be found there Tuesday-Friday between the hours of noon and 4. If it’s more convenient for you to place an order or drop off your hat to be cleaned there than out in the avenues, than we will see you in the Financial District.


Secondly, top hats are being requested from all angles, and we were not prepared. Whether for Dicken’s Faire, Edwardian Ball, a wedding, people are suddenly all about the top hats. Maybe it’s that new Lincoln film that came out…In response to this we have ordered 24 blank black bodies to make a full run of top hats for our shelves. It will be the biggest top hat run we have ever done, and though it’s exciting, it’s also a bit daunting. Stay tuned, and come by in mid January, they should be done.


Thirdly, we are having our annual Holiday Party this Friday! We hope to see you there in your finest frock. It’s the 7th of December, from 7-11 pm, featuring hot jazz band “The Frisky Frolics”. There will be dessert, libations, and lots of fine folks.

vintage_christmas_card-p1374013342468492618g3x_325Lastly, we have put up our new December window display! This one is quite classy and classic, the twist being that we are having people dress up as Santa, Mrs. Claus, or an Elf, and sit in the window drinking tea or hot chocolate, and making snowflakes or Christmas cards. This could be you! Email us at to set up a time to come participate! 10% off coupon in it for you if you are bribe-able.

The window display

The window display


Today's Santa: Jon Avery

Today’s Santa: Jon Avery

Ho ho ho, cherry nose, cap on head,

~ Paul 1