The Harpies of October

Friday, October 5th, 2012

  =  Weather is Sunny    = 0 cups ‘o coffee = 4 hats worked on

October is here, the telling signs include crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, cheesy but charming Halloween decorations in people’s front windows, and an epic new Halloween window display at Paul’s Hat Works. Several times in the last 3 years we’ve had guest artists do window displays, but this year we have had more than ever. This month is one of our favorites here at Paul’s Hat Works, maybe it’s the license to wear costumes, maybe it’s the scare factor, maybe it’s that we all work on a giant community haunted house. So, this month, we have on prominent and creepy display, some terrifying harpies painted by local artist Alexis Amann.

“Alexis Amann’s paintings and installations on cut paper contain layers of worlds populated by girls, monsters, fish, mermaids, rabbits, houses, boats, whales, demons, harpies, and other flora and fauna driven by the forces of love and water. Raised on the Oregon Coast, she received a BA in Drawing/Painting/Printmaking from Portland State University in 2002, and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2006. Alexis currently lives and works in San Francisco.”

A harpy, if you weren’t so sure, is a “A rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face,” or also “A grasping, unscrupulous woman.” None of those around these parts, I promise.

They’re really quite beautiful, in a terrifying way of course. Stop by the shop to take a look at them! If you want to get in touch with the artist, or have any questions, you can contact her at:

While I was photographing the window display for this blog, I realized that we have many other “creepy” or “Halloween” themed things scattered all over our shop year round…take a gander.

The Pumpkin painting, by Michael Harris, the famed man who sold the shop to us.

Harris, the creepy hobo clown who lives in our workshop.

A giant jar of dead, dried seahorses, living next to our top hat blocks.

Hard to tell what this is I know, but it’s the hole in the floor where Miss Janet sweeps all the hair into after her haircuts. Creepy? Or just gross?

Creepy painting of monster wearing bowler.

And last but not least, you’ve seen him before, and you’ll see him again, the taxidermy piranha who keeps Paul 3 company when she’s bookkeeping.

That’s all for now!


~ Paul 1