Bow ties, trying, and doing.

May 3rd, 2012

Overcast and trying to rain. Raining

1 pot of coffee down, three to go.

Paul #2 here, wearing one of my two, three piece suits, this one matches my blue hat band. I’m dolled up, (or gent’ed up) because tonight I’m attending another Stylish Happy Hour put on by Swell Attitude. Last month Paul’s Hat Works Co-Hosted with Swell Attitude to the tune of Chapeaus!

Tonight’s theme is Bow Ties Gone Wild. Felix and i sat down very seriously determined to learn how to tie bow ties first thing this morning. We burned through you tube videos, and a few books trying to figure out, once and for all how to tie a bow tie. It’s harder than you would think initially. But like riding a bike once you get it you will not forget it. My dad always said theres no such thing as trying theres only doing.

Heres Take one: Click here to watch Take One

Here’s Take Two:  Click here to watch TAKE TWO!

Heres to Success…mostly

If you would like to join us and the other bow ties the deets and the invitation can be found here Bow Ties Gone Wild, Tonight Only!

Felix is our pal and new clerk, front counter man, and phone operator. You’ll see and hear him around the shop….Felix take it away…Hi, this is Felix, and I’m delighted to be joining the Paul’s crew - and to be learning to tie a bow tie, somehow a task akin to becoming comfortable with calculus and topology while eating a bowl of spaghetti. Needless to say, my tie is a bit askew, but that fits me just fine.