There’s No Going Back Now: A Paul’s Hat on Obama in the SF Chronicle”

Date: Monday, April 30th, 2012

Weather: Dark out, can’t tell

Coffee: Pounding some rather decent airport coffee, first cup so far.

With all the hustle and bustle of Paul 2 & 4 making a bunch of hats for the Derby, and I packing and tying up other loose ends before I go, the knowledge that the SF Chron was including a sizable piece about the hat we have on Obama completely evaporated out of our hatted heads.

Thanks to Moya Stone, a stylish writer for the SF Chronicle with a blog called “OverDressed for Life,” we were able to get a lovely write up paired with a larger spread on our friend and customer Robert Mailer Anderson. Robert is heading out the fundraising for the first center exclusively for jazz in the United States, when he’s not hosting campaign dinners for the president at his home in Pacific Heights. As you may have read in some of our previous posts, Robert is a hat aficionado, and as quoted in the article, wanted to present Obama with a gift symbolic of the heart and character of San Francisco: A Paul’s Hat Works custom felt hat.

The article came out yesterday, amid the chaos of rescheduling flights to Kentucky, and a busy day at the shop for Paul 4. It’s incredibly well written, touching on how excited the president was to wear it to “date night” with Michelle, as well as quoting something I said along the lines of if the president wears the hat, it could greatly change the hat industry for the better and even create jobs.

Let’s hope this changes things not just for our shop, but for other hatters out there too.

~ Paul 1