Obama, Swell Attitude, Gaultier, Miss Janet

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012


No coffee yet, running on pure adrenaline

Sitting here in the barber chair in the window at the hat shop getting my hair put in rollers by Miss Janet in my Gaultier inspired outfit.

Gaultier inspired outfit

What do Obama, Swell Attitude, Gaultier, and Miss Janet have in common? Aside from the fact that they are all important things happening with Paul’s Hat Works this week, they all are incredibly stylish. Gaultier obviously is a boundary breaking fashion icon.


Swell Attitude is a new men’s suit making company, started by two gentlemen from Paris who have incredible style.

erry Folly-Kossi and Gilbert Emile, founders of Swell Attitude

Miss Janet has been our resident beauty operator for several months at Paul’s, and always shows up looking fabulous.

Miss Janet helping out at our last event, "Bookworms For the Big Apple."

And finally, Obama,who used to dress in a normal, conservative way, now sports a fantastic, black, beaver felt fedora handmade by us gals at Paul’s Hat Works!

Robert Mailer Anderson & President Obama; both in Paul's Hat Works hats! Photo taken by Jim Goldberg http://www.jimgoldberg.com/

All of this style and excitement, how to keep still, and how to muster up the energy to tell you all this news. Let me sip this cup of coffee I finally have in my hand as I sit under the Lady Schick Time Machine (aka bonnet dryer).

Lady Schick Time Machine. This could be you.

So why are these stylish people so newsworthy? Well, if you haven’t heard, you’re living under an unfashionable rock, but the incredible Gaultier exhibit just opened at the De Young. I saw it and promptly redesigned my wedding dress. It’s super inspiring for me as a designer and maker of menswear, and as a person who loves to put an outlandish outfit together. On Friday, the De Young did a free event inspired by the exhibit, the entertainment provided by Velocity Circus, who I work for in my “off time” building crazy headdresses and other pieces. I built a piece inspired by this Gaultier piece, except ours was a bunch of gold hoops attached to a blindingly beautiful gold dress, all designed by Gregangelo, circus ringmaster (who we just made a fabulous top hat for).

Swell Attitude is a company we just met and we are the exclusive sponsors of Swell Attitude’s 3rd edition of an accessory cocktail party that they have, this one featuring the “chapeau.” The party is free, and should be fun, hats required. RSVP by emailing info@swellattitude.com. We’ll be there, in style.

Cocktail Party Flier

Miss Janet is newsworthy because now she not only cuts hair on Fridays and Saturdays, but she’s our new shopkeeper! She is going to be here Wednesdays through Sundays helping customers, answering phones, and ensuring that front of the shop is run smoothly and elegantly. Expect to see her smiling face if you come in on those days, and hear her perky voice answering the phones. She is the first person to work here outside of us the owners, and we are so thrilled about it because we get to buckle down and work on the many hat orders that are coming in while she takes a fresh pair of eyes and a replenished store of energy to the front of the shop and into our customer service.

Last but not least, the Obama news. Maybe some of you read our blog a few weeks ago where it was mentioned in the Chronicle that we gifted a hat to the President while he was in town, and that a photo had been taken but it had to go through a lot of red tape before we could get it. Well, we got it! We’re so excited about it, because he looks fantastic. Maybe presidents will start wearing hats again, take that JFK. He looks great, he claimed he’d wear it frequently if he was reelected for a second term, we’ll see what happens.

That’s all for now folks. So much is happening, stay tuned for more, lots of fresh things in the works.

Going to go take my hair down,

~ Paul 1