Obama Has A Paul’s Hat In His Hands: Will He Wear It?

Monday, February 20th, 2012


1 cup of coffee

As some of you may know, last Thursday President Obama was in town for a campaign dinner, guests including Al Green, Booker T, and Charlie Musselwhite. The location of this dinner happens to be at our friend and customer’s house. He ran into us at the Film Noir Festival last month, mentioned this, and said he’d like present Obama with one of our hats. No big deal.


So we dropped off a beautiful black North Beach with a grey ribbon, the bow had a twisted center, at the mansion where the dinner was to take place. “We gotta help get the man some style,” said our customer, who owns around 15 Paul’s Hat Works hats. I asked him what the prep has been like for this event, he said people were coming over all week scoping out his house, checking the roof, etc.

The gals and I crossed our fingers all day on Thursday, hoping to hear soon what the news was going to be, this could change our lives at Paul’s Hat Works, or….not.

This morning during our weekly morning meeting we got an email! He said Obama thought he looked good in the hat and “would wear it during the second term”! We are told that our customer and Obama both took a picture in PHW hats, and the photo will eventually get to us but it could take a few months.

We were all super excited, something like this could really be grand payoff for us, and sure enough, I ran to my car to get something, and when I got back the other 3 Pauls looked even more pumped, and read me the line mentioning our hat and Obama in the datebook section of the SF Chronicle.

“Shut the F*** up.” was my response.

So there you go folks, we have put a hat on the president, the number one person who every hat shop in the history of the United States tries to get a hat on! We hope that he wears it before his second term…If you see him out and about with a black hat on, it’s most likely our handmade, beaver felt fedora.

Hats and the president of the U.S. is quite the subject, in fact there’s a whole book about JFK and why he didn’t wear a hat and how it contributed to the eventual demise of the hat as a functional, everyday item.

Not only is this good news for us at Paul’s Hat Works, but it’s good news for all hat shops and all hat aficionados out there, hats could come back because one man put a hat on for one photo.

The power of a single moment continues to astound us.

~ Paul 1