22 December

More than three cups of coffee…

Very, very warm and sunny!

TONIGHT is the opening night of SANTALAND DIARIES!  This is a hilarious holiday show the gals and I help run every year.  This evening we will be having an opening gala with champagne (thank goodness) and mini chocolate cream pies (thank goodness). 

The show runs through the 30th of the year, so please do come on down to the Eureka Theatre and laugh and laugh and laugh with us.

Oh, and by the way, did we mention we are raising money to open a second location in NYC?  If everyone we know donates $20, we can make it– so PLEASE please please consider digging into your pockets and throwing $20 to us this holiday season.  I’ll give you extra wine in your cup if you come to the concession stand at the Eureka Theatre as a bonus!

Buy tickets to Santaland here:

Donate money to PHW in NYC here:



Paul #3