What a weekend!

6th December

Hey, It’s me Paul #3 again.  I just told you a story about eyeshadow a minute ago.  Now, this next post will be mostly pictures from our weekend.  On Saturday night, we went to a wonderful holiday party in San Anselmo.   A dear customer of ours has this annual party at his fabulous (and I mean fabulous) jewelry shop.  So, check out pics of us spreading our holiday cheer!

Then, the next day, Sunday, we went caroling at Club Deluxe with our pal Dimestore Dandy.  Paul #1 and our dear Janet dressed up as elves and did some performing with the Dimestore.  Paul #2, #4, and myself, just sang along with the tunes.  We had a jolly good time indeed, ending with martinis and some of the best pizza in San Francisco!  Enjoy some of the pictures from our extravaganza:

Happy Holidays!  It’s the 6th of December and we’ve already been to at least 4 different holiday themed events!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.  Stay tuned for more gifts, pictures, and holiday cheer from the gals of Paul’s Hat Works!

Paul #3