On the 6th of December, my window display gave to meeeeee

6th December


1 cup of coffee, more on the way.

Well today’s window display gift is EYESHADOW! Now, this is a bit of an inside joke amongst the Pauls.  But, since it ended up in the window, I’ll give you a bit more of the story.  Once upon a time, in a documentary made here, the gals of Paul’s were subjected to a pretty INTENSE make-up job.  We didn’t  realize the impact of the make-up until much much later, but just so you guys know, we don’t typically wear eyeshadow up to our eyebrows…  Anyway, once we saw the video, we all laughed til we cried from joy, and it has become a funny memory for all of us.

Alas, the eyeshadow was done all in good fun and we will laugh about it forever.  Now, some of the Paul’s have even gotten into some pretty wild eyeshadow scenarios, so in the end, we learned a valuable lesson: eyeshadow can be whatever you want it to be!  I think it’s mostly just funny.


Paul #3