On the Second Day of December We Remember…

December 2nd, 2011

Weather:  Oddly warm…Talk amongst yourselves.

Coffee:  Well, I had this cup of coffee on my way to work, right.   I left it sitting in the classroom where I forgot all about it till, at the end of the day, I rediscovered it cold!  

Why does cold coffee  taste so bad?  

Isn’t it like drinking an iced coffee?


(~~~~Enter Twelve Days Of Christmas musical notes here~~~~~)

On the second day of December my True Hair Dresser gave to Paul 1,

 two white wigs


straw Ecuadorian lady.

 (**see yesterdays post**)

 Inside the

Big red box

marked "2" for those of you that read this blog but are not able to come by and see it!

Pop UP:

Did you know that the Pauls are involved with an art group called the Undertakers?
The Undertakers are responsible for the creation of  a Haunted House
located on 22nd and California on the Night of All Hallows Eve.

Tis  a 10 year tradition .  We offer a rite of passage for those youngsters in the Richmond District.

The place we live

The place we love

The place we call home.

Oh X-Mas!

~Paul 4