Tophatty Batty

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Foggy coldness abounds

1 cup of coffee cozied up in to go mug….

This morning I awoke to fog spreading over the horizon and dread spreading across my brow. Why you ask? Because what awaits me at Paul’s this morning is a rabbit body that needs to be turned into a top hat. Oh the horror! Some of you may not know, but, for some coincidental and awful reason whenever anyone on the planet comes in and orders a custom top hat, I’m there. Which means I have to make the hat. Well, needless to say, making top hats is incredibly hard, because we only have so many blocks and 9 times out of 10 what the person wants in their size we never have, so I have to improvise. Blocking a top hat is like wrestling with a very hairy, stubborn troll. I kid you not.

Well, I faced my fate, armed in bright red to disarm it, I trudged to work on a full stomach so as to prevent queasiness. I had a moment of full doubt, that I didn’t think I could get exactly what I wanted for this customer out of this hat body, but I think all may be well.

It's blocked!

Me vs. the Top Hat

I will dominate you!

Following that debacle, I had to block two tricorns for 2 chaps with size 73/4 heads! Now that’s big!

The result of all this: I’m exhausted already and it’s not even 11:00 am. The other result, I’m going to need a bribe before I make another custom top hat. Believe it or not, we completely undercharge for top hats because they’re not a product in high demand. But mark my words, as soon as they become popular again, and people want more, I will raise the price on them. Mark my words.

~ Paul 1