New York, Brimming With Possibilities

Date: November 10th, 2011

Coffee: Evening cup of tea (loose leaf fruity blend)

Weather: Clear bright full moon night

I recently returned from a quick jaunted in NYC for the annual Laughing Squid gathering.  I found myself in a bar on the Lower East side (aka LES for those of you down with the lingo), drinking and talking among MANY former San Franciscans.

“Why have they all move here”, I asked?

Well, everyone had a different story, one guy was done with the political thing in SF and his wife will now be the bread winner in NYC and he will stay at home and raise the kids,  Another man Joe Mougrun, couldn’t make a living in SF as an artist, but as soon as he moved here, the bay area came knocking on his door to fly him back to San Francisco to show his work.  As if, being a New York Artist is better than one in San Francisco.    Which takes me to the 4 hat shops I visited in New York last week.  New York Hats vs San Francisco Hats

First stop, Worth and Worth, where I fell in love.  Next stop, Stephan Jones, Hat Anthology.  Next shop, JJHats.  After park avenue, I took the metro to the Lower East Side where I visited Victor Osborn and Pork Pie Hatters.

WARNING:  I am a Paul that doesn’t take photographic accounts of my comings and goings that well.  I did the best with what I had.  I am more about being in the moment.  These photos do not account for the midnight bridge walks, OWS and countless streets and shops I visited. It is just a taste.  If you are interested in more stories, come into Paul’s Hat Works for a cup of coffee.

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