2nd Anniversary Photobooth Pictures

Wednesday November 2nd, 2011

I can see the strict horizon and the ocean from the hat shop! Blue on blue and warm sun.

Few pots of coffee have been consumed but I am still falling asleep, did someone slip me decaf?

Holy moly its November. Its terrifying how quickly this year is zooming by, and yet relaxing that we are easing out of October. The Paul’s were involved in a annual Haunted House with the Scary Undertakers yet again this year. And i think we’re all laying low, recovering from all our hard work scaring children, and adults alike.

The shop has been quiet and relaxing today so i’ve had the opportunity to practice my spanish with my audio cd’s while making hats.

Luckily i also FINALLY had the time today to upload the great photos everyone took in our photobooth at our 2nd year anniversary party back in August.

Heres a few snapshots, and you can find the rest at our Flickr site: 2nd Anniversary Photobooth . Feel free to add photos that you took here too!

~ Paul #2