Speakeasy Haircutting at PHW

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


1 cuppa coffee

Hear ye, hear ye, all you scruffy and unkempt folks in the world wide web cosmos (who live in San Francisco): You can now get an exclusive haircut at Paul’s on Saturdays between 11-5. The hands that wield these scissors belong to Miss Janet who hails from Montreal. She has been cutting hair for well over 10 years of men and women, as well as styling and building fabulous dos on dudes and gals.

Hair and hats are so very related, some consider them enemies, some consider them cohorts. The reality is hair is a big part of wearing a hat. The color of hair and facial hair is very much a part of choosing the color of a felt hat or the ribbon band. Also we advise men to get their head measured when they are in the middle of a hair cutting cycle. Miss Janet tells us that a man on average gets his hair attended to every 6 weeks. In which case, get your head measured 3 weeks in.

So, come on down to Paul’s on a Saturday for a trim or entire restyle, read up on the latest hat and menswear magazines, have a cup of coffee, and get a behind the scenes viewing of real live hatters at work!

Take a gander at her style, transformations, and prices here:

Finally, take a look at this video that showcases her first client at Paul’s Hat Works!


Call Miss Janet or Paul’s to schedule an appointment on the hour, or just drop on by!

~ A Newly Trimmed Paul