Stuck in the 1920’s

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Brisk and slightly sunny here in the Colorado Mountains

1 cup of coffee so far

So in the last month or so we have been attending more 1920s events than ever before. It’s a fun decade, and dressing up for it is lovely as the ladies mostly wore shapeless shift dresses that are extremely comfortable. Here’s some photos from a 1920’s party we went to where local SF authors did readings from famous authors from the 1920s:

Paul 4 and our Couturier


Paul 1 and Couturier

Paul 4 and 1


The roaring 20’s rage that has been soaring through the Bay Area also brought to us 3 exhibits centered around Gertrude Stein and the artists she supported during the early teens and 20’s. I personally saw all three, the Picasso exhibit at the De Young, the Gertrude Stein exhibit at MOMA and the exhibit at the Jewish Museum which was full of photos and stories of Gertrude Stein herself. All three were very great, I particularly enjoyed the one at the Jewish Museum because it had a cohesive story line and was divided into five different areas of her life.

Finally, we went to the Gatsby Picnic in Oakland last weekend. We had never been, but had been encouraged by many customers and friends to go, as almost everyone wears a hat! Here are a couple pictures from it:

Paul 1 with gorgeous 1920's yellow car


Paul 2 and cute tent


Paul 1 with the Dimestore Dandy!


Good times all around. We will definitely be returning to the Picnic next year!

~ Paul