Vote for Paul #4!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Sunny! (Bodes well for BBQ coming up)

2 cups of coffee

As the afternoon sun keeps my body and my coffee warm, many things are running through my mind…..Firstly, my business partner Kirsten Hove is nominated to be part of the “hot 20 under 40” group of SF folks that are movers and shakers, creative and innovative, and sure to be part of great things to come. So vote for her! She’s sexy as hell, and deserves this hilarious glossy print recognition! http://www.7×

The other thought that cannot leave my mind is ECUADOR. Going in a few days, so excited for the change of scenery, weather, people, food, language, drink, hats! Will take photos galore, and hopefully have time for a few blogs along the way….Have any tips, been there before? Email me at

Thirdly, I must inform our neighborhood dwellers that we will not be changing our live painting window display until Monday, as our lovely artists need a few more days to finish up pieces for the BBQ, are you coming? My Uncle David will be grilling up all kinds of goodies, he is truly the king of the BBQ!

~ Paul 1