BBQ this Sunday & Ecuador Trip

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011


2 cups of coffee

Howdy Friends, Neighbors, Customers, and Family,

We want to invite you to our annual summer BBQ in the backyard of
Paul’s Hat Works! Here are the details:

Sunday, July 3 · 1:00pm – 8:00pm

Come celebrate American made products at PHW! Bring something for the
grill, and a beverage of choice. We had a grand old time last year,
and we hope to see some new faces and new foods this year!

Featuring artists Felix Macnee and Zed Schild; a special treat at this
year’s BBQ will be the debut of the art that has been and will be
created in June’s window display that is inspired by the surroundings
of the hat shop. Be the first to see, and perhaps to buy!

Hope to see you there!


On another note, in 1 week, Paul #1 and Paul #3 are going down to
Ecuador and are following the trail blazed by Paul #4 in April to buy
and bring back a plethora of finely woven straw hats! This is an
opportunity for you to order something very special and custom, so we
can hand pick the perfect hat body for you while we are down there. If
you are interested in a straw hat of special quality, please email We are really excited, and we will
hopefully come back with many great stories and beautiful photos!

~ The Pauls