Portrait of the Mad Hatter as an Artist


Sunny, foggy, rainy

2 cups of coffee (1 four barrel!)

PORTRAIT OF THE MAD HATTER AS AN ARTIST: This month’s window display

This month’s window display will take a close look, as if through a magnifying glass, at the process of an artist. We’re exploring conversations of what makes something a work of art, and we think that making hats is relevant as an art form. The window will be featuring an artist and friend Felix Macnee who will be painting in the window live for many of the days of June.

He will be incorporating various aspects of Paul’s Hat Works into whatever he creates; he finds inspiration from the images on the hat boxes and from the wooden blocks and tools. If you are interested in participating in this month’s window display as an artist, email us at howdy@hatworksbypaul.com.

Rene Magritte, Son of Man


~ Paul