Jazz At the 365 Club

May 14th, 2011

Weather:  Busy moving around and selling hats,  we didn’t even notice how cold it was till we stopped.

Coffee: Honestly…5 cups by 3pm.  Ahh! The Shame!


“jazz and beyond”

You know…Bimbo’s, one of North Beach’s few gems left.  This was a time when Carol Doda ruled the topless scene and the Rat Pack rolled in from time to time.

Bimbo’s is still around and hotter then ever!

Paul’s Hat Works was there in true San Francisco Fashion May 6th 2011.  John Stokes, of (insert Alarm Co. name here) along with his 1937 Buick picked us gals up in the Richmond District and rolled in style to an event not to miss.

The ground breaking and gala for the SFJAZZ of course!

Visit Drew Altizer Photography for more photos from the event.

Why were we there?

From www.sfjazz.org


Help build the future of SFJAZZ.


Building the shape of jazz to come

By any measure, SFJAZZ is a world leader and key reference point for jazz presentation, education and creation. But now, we have an extraordinary opportunity to literally “build” on this legacy and embark on the next stage of our journey with the building of the SFJAZZ Center.

The SFJAZZ Center is being built specifically for the growth of jazz music and audiences alike. It is the first concert hall of its type in the United States: a freestanding, high-quality performance venue with flexible seating and staging for artists of every stature. Designed by award-winning architect Mark Cavagnero and located in San Francisco’s vibrant cultural corridor, the SFJAZZ Center will comprise 35,000 square feet in a transparent, freestanding LEED Certified structure.

With this spectacular new building, SFJAZZ will take its place alongside the Symphony, the opera and other major institutions, as a permanent home for jazz—America’s original, indigenous art form.


“For the first time, jazz in America will have a counterpart to the symphony hall, an edifice that proclaims the value of jazz to anyone who sees it on the street.” — The Chicago Tribune

“The SFJAZZ Center is ambitious in its vision to present the diverse spectrum of jazz at a first-rate facility.”
San Francisco Chronicle

The Ladies of Paul’s Hat Works are truly grateful to be apart of the movement towards a richer San Francisco!