Listen To Us On the Radio Tonight! (oh, oh, oh, on the radio!)

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Schizophrenic weather from rain to shine!

1 cup ‘o coffee

A while back a lady came in to interview is for a program associated with NPR and it’s airing today! Please tune in! Here’s the note she sent us:

“Hi Olivia, Kirsten, Abby, and Wendy,

I’m pleased to tell you that the radio story about Paul’s Hat Works will be airing on KALW’s Crosscurrents tonight (Monday) at 5pm.
You can listen at 91.7fm or (to stream live).
If you want to tune in to the archive after the piece airs, just go to and type “Paul’s Hat Works” into the search bar.
Thank you all again for sharing your story.  I hope you enjoy the piece!
Best wishes,


Excited! The Pauls are going to be listening in and you should to!

Other news: Paul 4 and I ran some PHW errands today, including buying t-shirts to screen print for the Moustache Mish-Mash (if you’re not planning on coming, change your plans, cause everyone is going to be there), and we went to SCRAP, one of our favorite places, for an odd assortment of things from new records for the shop, to fabric for PHW tote bags, to binders for important paperwork being filed by Paul 3.

Also, yesterday, I, Paul 1, put out a bunch of beautiful Panamas in smaller sizes in a lovely grade of straw that we’ll be selling from $400-$475, so come and get ’em before they sell like hotcakes!

Finally, I want to talk about what Paul 4 and I did Friday, which was go to the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, a beautiful 1920’s art deco affair, and see one of the best comedies out there: His Girl Friday. So funny, such effortless acting, plus a bunch ‘o hats! Bonus! Plus, gotta love Carey Grant! Go rent it.

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for a blog from Paul 4 about her trip to Ecuador!

~ Paul 1