New Article on Yahoo & Photo From Fashion Show

Wednesday, March 6, 2011


2 cups o’ coffee

I stumbled upon a cute article about us on Yahoo.

Richmond District Style Gurus Declare a Clean Hat is the Only Hot Men’s Trend for 2o11.

Photo of Maryam LouiseBy Maryam Louise, Featured Local ContributorYahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, Mar 29th, 4:20am

No doubt, most people that follow fashion news have been alerted toward the impending trend for men in 2011. As the Philadelphia Chronicle points out, the new fashion focus that we will see is on mens hats. In particular, they are displaying the kind of hats than men wore in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

While local journalists are quick to point out the heavily populated Goorin’s Hat Store as the go to place for mens hats, they are neglecting one important local business. According to a Richmond District fashion designer, there is a place in the neighborhood that every hat lover needs to know about. As this designer suggests, many people already have a hat that they love. However, that hat is dirty.

Instead of buying a new hat, an old hat can be revitalized at Paul’s Hat Works on Geary. Not only does Paul’s do the hard work of hat blocking or hat making, Paul’s also repairs, rejuvenates, and refreshes any antique, heirloom, or vintage hat that you bring them. Although there are certainly some limitations, Richmond District hat lovers told me to expect miracles.

If you can’t seem to repair your favorite hat, Paul’s Hat Works also offers handmade hats for men crafted by Paul himself.”

Isn’t that cute?

Also, a cute photo of Me and Wendy from the Charity Fashion Show:

~ Paul