The Hound, TV, Boing Boing, Oh My

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Sunny cold

3 cups ‘o bad coffee

Well howdy there folks. For one of the slowest retail months in the year, it’s been quite busy for us Pauls. For one, we expanded to have a hat department at the Hound, which is turning out to be quite successful. Now, instead of trekking to the Richmond District, you can pop by the Hound to buy a PHW hat or get measured for a custom one. Also, on Tuesdays, Paul 2 will be there all day for in depth hat consultations and to take in hat cleanings and renovations.

Also this month, Boing Boing mentioned us on their site, which was incredibly awesome, as it’s sending people from all over the world to us! We’re a small store front, behind a tree, in the Richmond, and there’s only 4 of us who are already busy making hats, so we don’t have very much man power left for promotion. So, this was extremely fortunate, and is really giving us a boost!

What else? I, Paul 1, am working once again as wardrobe head on a TV show for Indigo Films, it should air in the Fall and I will give y’all more details later, and it’s taking up quite a bit of time. It’s very exciting, lots of period cars from the 1970’s, corduroys, 8o’s ties, and for this episode, 1 PHW hat! The “bad cop” character’s signature look is a pecan fedora and a camel colored overcoat.  This should be good for the hat world. I sneaked in a Panama fedora in episode 1, just another hint to the TV watchers in America that hats are back.

Filming on Treasure Island

But wait, there’s more! Paul 3 recently took a trip up to Portland this month, and though she was missed, it’s always nice to get away….While she was there she visited what is supposedly the largest “hat museum” in the United States. I’ll let her tell that story herself sometime soon…

Paul 4 has been very busy this month, organizing production runs for PHW, the Hound, and Circle and Square, who carries some of our more feminine smaller sized hats geared towards women. Paul 4 is also working hard on an exciting window display (set in the sky…) that is going up today, be sure to drop by tomorrow or following to check it out!

Aside from other internal operations changes, which I’ll leave for me and the Pauls to geek out about, that’s what’s been happening this busy February month!

As a final note, I watched the Oscars last night, and definitely didn’t see enough hats on the Red Carpet. We’ve got to change that for next year. I will guarantee a free hat for any person that can produce a ticket to the Oscars in 2012 and will shamelessly strut up and down the Red Carpet promoting the smallest but sweetest hat shop in the world….

Me, typing this blog on set.

Signing off, over,

~ Paul 1