New Window Display: Love Letters Like Fedoras are Forever

February 1, 2010

Weather: Beautiful day to check out the new window display.

Coffee: Tons

Loving you dot com puts it beautifully,

“Love can be expressed in a array of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter”.

In this instance the recipient of our love letter is the Hat and those that wear them.

Recently a customer came into the shop to pick up a hat he had dropped off the week previous to have the ribbon changed.  With him he brought a manilla envelope. In it was a poem he wrote in 1995 about hats.  Here it is: You should be able to click on it to enlarge it. Let me know if this is not true.


A poem by Michael Whitt

Thank you Michael!

I was reminded of a book that a friend of Paul 2s’ gave her for Christmas last year.  It is called, Book of Hats by Allen Cohen.  In it he writes over 20 poems about the people he has interacted with while working at a hat shop in the North Beach.  The poem titles are names of  modern achetypes such as “The Jazz Musician”, ‘The Boxer” and “The Man About Town”.

Lets open to page 15, a poem titled “The Lovers” by Allen Cohen

…”what kind of hat”, she asks

“would look good on me?

I try a Panama on her.

“No, winter is coming, ” she says abruptly.

Then I put a Sam Spade hat on her head.

She allows me to place the wide brimmed hat

on and tilt it rakishly.

“No, I don’t like it.  It is too large,”

she says disappointedly.

He finds the last Roaring Twenties hat

among the overhead rare hats

hanging from the nails in the rafters and walls.

It’s a light grey fedora

with a black band that George Raft

might have worn and she loves it…”

To know what happens next you will have to find a copy of the book (try City Lights Book store,  the location is fitting);  the ending is a shocker.

These poems are a great example of the characters that come into our shop and love hats.

Thanks for reading and do me a favor this month: write a poem for someone special.