Experience is the Spice of Life (plus a PHW video)!

On this day of January 28th, 2011

Coffee: Another “To Go” day for me.

Weather: Cold cold cold (I hear its gonna rain on Sunday.  Boo Hoo)!

Today marks the 5th day.

The 5th day that Paul 1, has been dressing the cast of a television series that is to air on the Discorvey Channel sometime… I actually do not know when.

I miss that Paul.  I feel so estranged from her when I don’t know what she’s been up to.

Last night however, we broke bread in the kitchen and she broubht out some niffty video footage of a car they exploded in the marshes of San Rafael.

She talked of shopping adventures in Thrift Town, Mission Thrift and Clothes Contact.   She nearly cleaned out every GoodWill in town.  What’s a hipster to do!

The 24 year-old ( I was just reminded last night) bomb shell has stepped up her game.

The wonderful thing about running a business collectively is the ability to create space for another person.

This business model is like a hydrogen molecules’ ability to lose and add bonds with different cooperative elements.

The Paul’s have been able to pursue other interests.  (Some may scorn me for saying this, but there was a life before hats). And I think that is important to remember when you find your self consumed with just one thing.

Broadening the minds capability to connect with other individuals, is important for individual and professional growth.  Experience is the spice of life.

OK, that was all i wanted to say.

And for “going there” with me, here is a little video taken by a lovely woman about Paul’s Hat Works


Paul 4