January 27th, 2011

Weather: Sooooooo Sunny!!

Coffee: “To Go, Please”

How’s this for a quick blog?

Reason number a trillion to wear a bike helmet!

A man, that will remain nameless for the time being for i want to get this posted, brought this by our shop the other day.

Yes, there is a Helmet under that over sized Bowler.

Are you as excited as  I am? I mean I knew that there had to be something like this out on the market, but I just never…

I need to know more about this GF please call us! Under the hat, the tag reads “Moody and Farrell for Bobbin Bicycles

There is the link.  I haven’t done too much research but I think i need a trip to London now.

If this were my helmet, I would wear it everyday.

Consistently Amazed,