Paul’s In Playboy?!

Wednesday January 19th, 2011

Hey there, Mr. Sunshine nice to see you today!

Need to drink something, my tank is empty today

While shuffling through an old box of miscellaneous papers and magazines we stumbled across a 1997 edition of Playboy Magazine. What is a Playboy magazine doing in the shop you might ask? Well, upon closer examination we discovered that Paul’s Hat Works is mentioned in an article by Michael Walsh entitled “The Way you Wear your Hat.” The article focuses on how, as of 1997, fedoras and overcoats were coming back into fashion but that nice fedoras were hard to come by. The author says, “Haberdashers report that the hat has been making a small comeback ever since Harrison Ford cracked his whip in Raiders of the Lost Ark. But it’s still hard to find the genuine article, even in the best department stores. I have mine custom-made at Paul’s Hat Works in San Francisco. If enough of us demand them, decent hats will be back soon enough” (pg 84).

Amusingly enough we have two hat block styles in the shop called Playboy. Here’s one of them:

Let’s make it happen hat lovers! Demand hats and they will come back! Of course, come to Paul’s and you’ll always find great hats here!


Paul 5

P.S.: If you would like to read the full article it’s from the February 1997 edition of Playboy. The Article is entitled “The Way you Wear your Hat” by Michael Walsh, pgs. 79-84.