It’s Time To Dream…

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Weather: Partially Sunny

(with chances of adventure, Paramount  Theater, and an army of magic and  dancing brooms)

Coffee: 1 cup to go from our local Irish Bakery, John Campbell’s.

Most Fridays I walk to work.  It gives me a chance to stay in touch with our thriving and sometimes not so thriving community.

This Friday, I stopped into John Campbell’s Irish Bakery.  I know this place to be run by young friendly people.  I’ve never had a bad experience.  This is still true today, however, the fresh young face is that of a woman named Sarah.  With blunt bangs, rose colored glasses and cowboy boots; Sarah is the shine of my morning.  Apparently she is now managing the 3 Bakery locations.

The cases are filed with tarts, traditional Belfast Baps, pasties, rolls and yummy scones.  Stop by on your next visit to Paul’s Hat Works.

Another thing:

We are still recording people’s dreams and wishes for this new year, so keep them coming.  We’ve had a great response, please add to it.

email Subject: It’s Time To Have A Dream.

And another thing:

Alex Zeek our custom clothier was in the shop today patterning pants for Paul 1 and I.  I don’t know what to call them yet.

Here is what the pattern looks like,  Alex is responsible for our Hat Shop Opening dresses,  4 tail coats, anniversary jumper, knickers and dress, and endless costume pieces for performances.  Thanks Alex!  Teatro ZinZanni would be lucky to have you in their costume shop, Paul’s Hat Works sure is!