I Tweet, You Tweet, Everybody Tweet Tweet

Wednesday, January 5th!, 2011

Sunny but cold

2 cups of coffee

A little peek behind the scenes: So at the beginning of the New Year, the Pauls grab their notebooks, planners, calendars, to-do lists, and ideas, and plunk themselves down at Joe’s Coffee early in the morning to start their 5 hour meeting to plan out all that must happen in 2011 (and more). It’s quite an affair, starting out with gigantic omelets for energy, moving back to the shop to make gigantic flow charts and goal grids with big smelly sharpies, and ending with 4 Pauls slumped down in their chairs and precarious stools breathing heavily and already feeling like the year is over.

Though exhausting, this meeting is always exciting, for many wonderful things blossom out of the hatted noggins of these Pauls. Some of which you will hear about and see soon, others that won’t be implemented for many months to come. One small New Year’s resolution is for all 4 of the Pauls to have and use a Twitter account. “I don’t even have a Twitter account!” exclaims exasperated Paul 2. “I just don’t get Twitter.” sighs Paul 4. “I twittered last week!” contributes Paul 1 hopefully. “It’s not ‘twittered’ it’s tweet.” corrects Paul 3. “Confound technology!” declares Paul 1.

Paul 1: hashtag “hatworksbypaul”

Paul 2: hashtag “paulshats”

Paul 3: hashtag “paulshatworks”

Paul 4: hashtag “hatsbypaul”

Is that confusing enough for you?

And so, we are now all tweeting (twittering!). And, we humbly ask you to follow us, if not for the sake of liking Paul’s Hat Works as a business, then in the interest of seeing how poorly we use and understand this program. Feel free to offer us any tips or explanations on how this whole Tweeteriting thing works.


~ Paul