A Toast to 2011

December 31st 2010
Coffee: 1 cup
Weather: Bright. cloudy, looking like rain.

It is the eve of the new year
Please gather around
Quiet down and fill up your glasses

I have something to say.

Though we may not have as much money as we did a year ago. Maybe it’s been along time since you’ve had any yourself. And for some of us we have never even seen it in the first place. But we are rich in some things, like our abilities. We enjoy sharing with one another. We are rich in community and love. Cheers to you. Cheers to me.  And cheers to We!

What will We make of this year? Think about it? How will We grow?  What do We want to change?  How will We focus our energy?

The answers to these questions may be in this room. Some may have not come. And others are very sure they know what they want.

Over many a glass of firewater, dish washing and meal preparing, Paul 3 and PDS coined 2011 as The Year of Augmentation.

Well, I had no idea what this word meant. As Paul3 explained it to me,  she went through several different hand gestures, synonyms and “akas” untill finally it began to resonate.

As we sit down to our traditional New Years meal Paul 3s’ favorite and now ours, collard greens and black-eye peas,  you may notice that we have “beefed-up” our traditional meal by adding a roast.

To Augmentation!

And if you didn’t get my pun sorry (I wasn’t even sure if this roast was going to be something to talk about).

In any case,  raise our glasses, add fuel to our fire, fatten the kitty and sweeten the pot.
This year is about upping the ante and gearing up.

Lets make it a good one starting right now!


Paul 4