Oh Dear, it’s the 16th of December.

3 cups of coffee, seemingly not enough

Foggy and chilly on the outside, cuddly on the inside

Whoops!  We have been so busy this holiday season that we haven’t unwrapped our own presents for the last few days!  Pardon our neglect, but we have been building a set for Santaland Diaries ( <–buy your tickets here), which is a wonderfully hilarious play we mentioned a few blogs back.

So, on the 13th of December, my window display gave to me:

Napoleon, is that you?

A beautifully hand-crafted bicorn hat!  Now, as you know, we at Paul’s Hat Works, specialize in traditional men’s styles (fedoras, pork pies) but this year we branched out and went back even further to the time of the bicorn and tricorn wearing days.  This hat started as part of a theme party, turned into a “we have hats for Halloween” idea, and then inspired a customer of ours to custom order his very own Napoleon Bonaparte hat.  Now, opinions on Napoleon aside, he was a well- dressed gent, see for yourself:

So, anyhow, if you have an idea for a hat, chances are good that at least one of the Paul’s will be inspired or stubborn enough to try and make it for you!

Ahem.  On the 14th of December my window display gave to me:

A "let's have a cocktail clock"

This hat-shaped clock that is letting you know “the bar is open” was a gift to us from our very dear landscaper and family member, David Griffin.  A hell of a guy, and a hell of a tree-trimmer.  Cheers to David, and cheers to the clock encouraging folks to relax after a hard day of work!

Phew. On the 15th day of December my window display gave to meeee:


A pianophone!  This tacky-yet-adorable piece of memorabilia dates back to when Paul’s Hat Works was under renovation in the summer of 2009.  One Paul stumbled upon a yard sale in the neighborhood and decided this phone was a must-have!  Well, we used it for a bit, it broke, and now I think it lives in the pile of “let’s fix this someday in our free time” section of the hat shop.  (This pile is very, very big for we have very, very little free time).  Anyway, in it’s place we have a beautiful vintage yellow rotary phone that we love very much.  So, give us a call this holiday season– at least one of the phones will be working!

And finally: On the 16th day of December my window display gave to me:

Where's the hot dog?

Some handy dandy condiment holders!  I always associate these with a picnic, because we used them in a picnic/ BBQ inspired 4th of July window display (remember?)  Now, another Paul that shall remain nameless (same one that bought the piano phone) thought the ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise holders were just too cute to pass up, and that’s how we came to own them.  I’m pretty sure we only use them for display purposes so far, so come on over and let’s have a winter-time picnic and put ’em to use!

Ok.  We made it through 4 days worth of presents.  I hope you enjoyed opening the gifts as much as I did!

Talk to you tomorrow,


Paul #3