An Interjection

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Rainy, possible storm on its way

1 cup of coffee, want more, but all out

I frequently search the web to see who is saying what about our little store, and I find all kinds of interesting things, from current blogs to discussion boards from 5 years ago, which is exactly where I found a funny little paragraph that I will share with you. Why I find it interesting is that people are always trying to tell us why the popularity of the hat declined, and we’re always trying coming up with new reasons why it has been out of style for so long. So, here’s what our predecessor thought was the cause of the decline. The other Pauls should get a kick out of this:

This was written on a discussion board called “Shave My Face” (also funny):

“They guy I bought my panama from – Paul’s Hat Works in SF – attributed the death of traditional male hat-wearing to the fact that builders started to make closets with less vertical shelf space and more hanging space. Thus people didn’t have space for hat boxes, which lead to a vicious spiral of declining hat sales and less demand for adequate closet space. I don’t know about that, be he sure knew his hats.”

So, for all you closet designers and shelf builders out there, the hat is making a grand comeback, so you better go out there and adjust those measurements!

~ Paul 1