Day 12: Lights and Accordians

Sunday December 12th, 2010

Weather: Partly cloudy with a chance of Christmas lit tree in our future

Coffee: No thank you.  I must be sick.

The day has been busy. Paul 4 does not feel well, so pardon my short letter.  On the twelfth day of Christmas, Santa gave to PHW this:

Also on this special day in December our friend, who will remain nameless, strung lights in the tree outside our shop.  Our tree is the only lit tree for miles.

Abbie stretching the extension cord from the bathroom to the roof.

Nameless friend waiting courageously on the street side for Abbie

There she is!

Nameless friend in the tree.  He also cut a limb out of the tree increasing the amount of light that shines on the branches below. What a man!


I will add a photo later of the tree at night lit up.


~Paul 4