The Tenth, The Party, The Eleventh, The Aftermath

Saturday, December 11th, 2010


1 cup of coffee

First things first: Box #10!

Men an Owner's Manual!

Men: An Owner’s Manual
by Stephanie Brush

“If you are male or female and have ever had or plan to have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, you have to read this book. If you haven’t laughed at yourself or life for a while, you need to read this book.”

Next, pictures from our Holiday Hat Party. Oh wait, I forgot to post pictures from one of our customers and a friend’s holiday party at his beautiful jewelry shop “Reflections.”

We're smiling because there's a million little earrings behind it.

I'll take that one!

Michael Randall and Paul 1

The ladies and Michael

Full length view

Now on to the Holiday Hat Party photos!

Angela the elf!

Paul 1 with Not-So-Evil Stepmother

Paul 1 on Santa's lap

Paul 1 and 3 have some pretty tall orders for Santa this year!

Paul 3 looks skeptical about this Santa's ability to deliver.

Our handsome entertainer asks Santa for something.

Even elves want things for Christmas.

And reindeer want presents too!

What a face Santa is making!

Paul 2 looks happy...

Quincy Quinton!

Singing along!

One of our best customers with Paul 3!

He looks great in our hat!

Alex has a lot to say to Santa.

Speech, speech!

Oops, did Santa drop his whiskey?

Our resident videographer, Chris Knox

Flash that smile!

The End!


Alright, and last but not least, what was in box #11?

Taxidermied frogs playing pool in sombreros

Just another oddity that came with Paul’s Hat Works. They typically play pool above Paul 3’s head when she’s bookkeeping.

Whew, what a long blog!

~ Paul