Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho

7 December 2010

2 cups of coffee, but that was hours ago

The weather is turning colder by the minute

Well, good day chaps.  Today’s gift in the window, as I’m sure you’re all anxiously awaiting, is in honor of our very own Ms. Olivia Griffin.

Abner, the saddest clown of all

Now, as many of you may know, Olivia is crazy for clowns. Crazy. for. Clowns. So, this little fella is a special belonging of hers that we are sharing with you this fine month of gift giving.

And on a different yet important note, we want to take a moment to salute clowns throughout history and their true dedication to hat wearing.  Many of the greats, some of the not-so-greats, and tons of the unknown clowns and laughter creators of this fine world don hats, and we at Paul’s Hat Works thank them from the bottom of our laughter lovin’ hearts.

The Three Stooges!

Charlie Chaplin!

Above are two of our favorites, wearing hats, and creating the best medicine there is: laughter.  So this cold and flu season, make sure you laugh as much as you can and also wear a hat to keep your head warm!