Four days after the 1st of December

Sunday December 5th, 2010

Weather: Its raining…no wait! its not. its bright… i think is sun…nope..nope its raining.

Coffee: “Yes please Becky”

The Scene:

Last night Paul 1, 3 and 4 left the city. We went to visit of friend Michael Randall, jewelry maker and owner of Reflection, a quaint, cozy and shiny shop in San Anselmo, California.

We had a wonderful time, ate delicious tamales ,met great people like Sylvia Stewart, and drooled over precious stones and gold (as Paul 3 woulds say, “BOOOIIINNNGGG!!!”)

(pictures to come)

The Blog:

Once Upon A Time, (like last year around this time) Paul recieved a delightful package from Mama Bear and Papa Bear. It was a membership to the Hot Sauce of the Month Club!

“Blazin'”, Paul 3 thought.

The Pauls’ mouths were on fire! We enjoyed the enticing taste of Saucy Señorita, while our taste buds butted heads with, The Brutal Bájan ,and finally, the Tres Hermanos habanero brought us back together again.

So why didn’t the Bat’s Brew (Gift #5) make the cut?

..Hot Sauce in question.

Email us to find out more: with subject title: “Tell me more”.

This brings me to the subject of re-gifting. That’s right I said it and i will say it again. Re-Gift. Try it, it may work for you.


Check out our Holiday sale: 10% off 2009 inventory. That is our re-gifting to you .


You my enjoy buying one of our A.W.O.K.e. Green Line of hats, that has been RE-furbished into a one of a kind lid that suits your fancy.

Happy Holidays

From Paul’s Hat Works