What did good-o-St. Nick give us on the 3rd day of Christmas?

Friday December 3rd, 2010

Weather: Cloudy

Coffee: 2 cups

Paul 1 and Chris Knox filming a “how to video”

Do you remember when you were five years old? If you were one of those kids that pushed boundaries, you probably caught on to the phenomenon during the Holidays where Dad slinks away and that jolly old fat man in the red suit appears after Christmas Dinner. You were maybe quite naughty and involved in Christmas present schemes, like the one I heard about the other day; a friend recently told me when he and his twin brother were young they would CAREFULLY  unwrap all the Christmas presents under the tree to find out what they were getting and then meticulously re-wrap them. Dad never found out!

That story leads into today’s unveiling of box #3.  Our new acquaintence John Law, the man responsible for putting your name in neon lights, and his son, who dons a dapper black bowler on a regular basis, stopped into the shop today. After little Law realized That Paul 4 was ok with him opening presents, he jumped into the window and went to town.  Here is one thing he found:

A Tale of Two Genres, we’ve rented a few top hats for this show  at SF Playhouse, runs through December 22.


Just a little fun.

~ Paul 4