On the First Day Of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunny but nippy

1 cup of coffee and eyeballing the pot

It’s the first day of December, and as such, we installed a new window display last night, and following the tradition of last year, once again have a 3-D advent calendar! 1 present will be opened every day, containing memorabilia of the year, gift ideas, or really interesting items, so make sure to at least walk past PHW every day if possible to try and spot the newly opened package!

Here’s a couple photos of the window before I opened gift number 1:

the Fireplace!

view from outside

The Christmas tree decorated with hats! As all Christmas trees should be!

And now, for the object inside box #1, drum roll please!

Gift #1 (and Paul 1's candy cane striped legs!)


Ta Da!

This is especially significant, not just because the 4 Pauls love coffee (so much that we tell our readers how many cups we’ve had so far) but because Ritual Roasters Coffee roasts their coffee right here in San Francisco, and it shore does cheer up a hardworking Paul! So here’s to Jimmy, to local coffee shops, and to coffee!

#2 is coming tomorrow!

~ Paul