The interactive fifties on a Thursday

Today has been an eventful day in the windows at Paul’s Hat Works.

Thanks to Mirabelle Jones and Sean Brady for sitting in our window today. They have taken to reading outloud from the various books on our shelves, typewriting important letters, and painting their nails, or rather her nails.

Check them out!

Calling Sean in the other Window

Sean talking to Mirabelle

Blowing on wet fingernails

Typing a very important letter while smoking a corncob pipe

Caught in her bathrobe and slippers while reading "Men: an owners manual"


Don’t forget Anyone, any age can come hang out in our window and wear hats. We’re still looking for live models for our window to fill out the rest of the schedule in November! Dress up like the 50’s or we can dress you up like the 50’s for our Madmen themed window display. You can play with the props in the window or bring a book or homework. Email if you’re interested!