Bonjour, Ciao, and ‘ello!

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Location: London England

Overcast, foggy, similar to SF

No coffee yet, must go out into the world to seek some!

As some of you, our readers, may know, myself, Paul 1, and Paul 3 are out traveling all around Europe! Though it is technically a pleasure trip, we just can’t help but notice the hats, or lack of, in the different countries we’ve been to. We’re also taking note and studying the effect of various weathers on the hats that we took with us, and so far, so good. Also a few other hat related pictures. Take a look:


Wendy's first cup of coffee in Rome

Olivia's first cup of coffee in Rome

Saw this when we first got off the plane in Rome, we liked it.

A collage of Salvador Dali


Ok, they're not hats, but almost! Maybe Paul 4 can try some of those styles!

This is how great our bowlers look in Paris!

This is how great fedoras look in Paris!

A PHW card we left in a creperie in Montmarte!

A little statue in a top hat at a pizzeria in Montmarte

Here are some hats Wendy saw for sale in Paris...

Olivia also saw some hats for sale in Paris...

And some more hats for sale in Paris...

Here's how our hats spent a lot of time: on racks above us on the train.

Here's a guy wearing a hat!

Look how good men look in our hats all over the world! This is Sir Rob.


That’s all for now folks, later we’ll post pictures of the oldest hat shop in the world that we visited in London: James Lock & Co.

~ Paul 1