20 new hats of Fall

Thursday November 11, 2010


We’re out of Coffee, whats a girl to do?

Today its a sunny gorgeous Veterans day and everyone seems to be taking this opportunity to be outside. It’s been quite rainy lately so the sun is being quite celebrated. The number of visitors and customers we see on a rainy day and their degree of cheer differs so much from when it is sunny.

Its Fall! And winter is coming to a town near near you and so are 20 new hats at Paul’s Hat Works. This is our largest felt production run in a while. Its exciting to watch so many hats grow from felt blanks through the steps into different hats. I’ve started photographing each step to document the progress. I’ve woken up excited to get to the shop the last two weeks to push the hats forward to the next step. Its something about seeing alot of one thing that is pleasurable, not to mention pleasure in the end goal… TWENTY new hats on our shelves.

‘Alot of one thing’ can also be looked at as Repetition. Rep·e·ti·tion [rep-i-tish-uhn] noun, 1.the act of repeating; repeated action, performance,production, or presentation.

This is not the tedious repetition of daily tasks that we loathe. This is the repetition of creativity. When you work with your hands repeating the same tasks all day your mind can rest and reflect on the motion and the creation. As i was making these hats i thought alot about repetition. As my hands blocked the hats, my mind was thinking about the small differences that exist in all of the hats. On the rack together they all look the same, unless you look closer.

The last photo that you will see below is the step where all the hats got different brim lengths. In the near future i will have more photos for you. The next step is blocking the different crown shapes into each hat! This is when the hats really start to grow their own personalities.

I could ramble about the artistic theories surrounding repetition (one of my favorite  visual characteristics in some art). But we’re here to talk about and look at hats so here are a few links if you want to explore without me:



and ….Without anymore ado

Untouched felt blanks

Hats ready to block


Freshly Blocked on the Round

Off the blocks

Freshly cut brims

Over head view of different length brims

And Voila!

Have a nice Veterans day and don’t forget to come see the new hats in maybe a week!