First Day Of Live Models

Friday November 5th, 2010

The young artist captures life from inside Paul's Hat Works

This here is a photo of Nicholas, a young man that happened into the shop about a month ago when Paul 4 was working.  He has since returned several times to sit in the lobby and draw.

Today Paul 4 and Nicholas were live models. We experienced people stopping to look. Paul 4 was using the sewing machine to stitch leathers in one window and Nicholas was sketching scenes of neighboring buildings. He said he nodded at every person that looked at him.

Every month we change our display, every month we put hats on stands and every month they sit there waiting…for the right owner.

Having movement in the windows gives people the opportunity to see our hats in motion, this is a chance to remember that these inanimate objects, that are walked past each day, hold purpose: to be on one’s head.

We will have models all month, so sign up it’s not too late!