Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Raining, pouring, old men are snoring.

2 cups of coffee

On this fine blustery afternoon, I have finished a very unusual hat. It is a version of Napoleon’s hat that I am custom making for a customer’s halloween costume. It is quite exciting, as I have never made one before. I wanted to blog about it in particular because coincidentally the man who started Paul’s Hat Works back in 1918 was named Napoleon…Dun dun dun! However, we have less information about him than we do about Napoleon Bonaparte, and in making this hat I did a little research about Mr. Bonaparte that I’d like to share with you. Napoleon’s hat was a very important, and impressive, part of who he was. He wore it always, and has it on in most paintings done of him. It was a large item for his small frame, and thus a bit ridiculous. However, it was fairly plain, had no binding or border, and was simply decorated with a cockade in the French colors held on by two strips of black ribbon tacked on by a gold or brass button.

The cockade

It is said that when Napoleon was very upset or enraged he would cast his hat upon the ground and kick it; I can only hope that the gentleman I’m making this one for doesn’t do that. However, if he should do that, I believe that the hat would be okay, as I have made it out of rabbit felt and everything is sewed on securely, so it should last a lifetime.

Napolivia shoots at enemies with her scissorgun!

I love a new project or challenge, so if you have been wondering if it’s possible to make a certain fantastic hat, try me.

~ Paul 1