A.W.O.K.e. Aftermath!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


2 cups of coffee

The premier of the A.W.O.K.e. line was a grand success! Lots of folks showed up, a mish mash of friends, family, neighbors customers, but the best part was that a good amount of the guests came wearing a hat that we had made for them, and the few that didn’t left with one! It’s really nice to have a more affordable price point for hats, because we understand, as we are young ourselves, that it’s hard to invest a lot of money in objects when you don’t have a good job, or you have student loans, etc etc. The reaction to the green line was great, people loved different hats, and it seems we need to make more! So, if you have an old felt hat lying around, or come across one, donate it to us so that we can enliven it, and we’ll give you a $25 coupon!

~ Paul

P.S. Pictures to come soon.