Premier of the A.W.O.K.e. Hat Line!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Sunny! For three days now!

1 cup of coffee

I want to start this post by relating the cutest thing that happened to me at PHW today. The phone rings at 5:00 pm:

Paul 1: Paul’s Hat Works!

Cute kid’s voice: Is Mr. Wall there?

Paul 1: No, I think you have the wrong number.

Kid: How about a Mrs. Wall?

Paul 1: No, no Mrs. Wall either.

Kid: So no Walls there at all?!

Paul 1: Nope.

Kid: Then how does your roof stay up!?


Paul 1 laughs and laughs and laughs.

Now, on to the premier! On Friday, October 1st, we will be having an open house all day, and then a little cocktail moment from 7-10 pm. The focus is on our new line of hats: the green line called “A.W.O.K.e.” Which is an acronym for Abbie, Wendy, Olivia, and Kirsten enliven old hats and make them into new ones! Each of us are doing our own take on these hats, so you will get to see 4 very different lines within it. It’s very exciting, but a lot of work. I’m stopping just briefly to post this, but then it’s back to swiftly sewing fingers! We will have live music, and libations, it should be a memorable and fashion filled night!

~ Paul